Neuro de-escalatie: Foundation & Advanced courses – oktober 2024


14/10/2024 - 17/10/2024    
09:00 - 16:00


Les ateliers des Tanneurs
Huidevettersstraat 60A, Brussel, 1000
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1. Neuro de-escalatie Foundation training

door Christoph & Elke Göttl

14, 15 en 16 oktober 2024 (9u – 16u)

Uitgebreide informatie door Christoph en Elke Göttl over deze Foundation training vind je onderaan.

Kostprijs, inclusief lunches en koffie: 595€

2. Advanced day

door Christoph & Elke Göttl

donderdag 17 oktober 2024 (9u – 16u)

Uitgebreide informatie door Christoph en Elk Göttl over deze Advanced day vind je onderaan.

Kostprijs, inclusief lunch en koffie: 190€

Plaats : Les Ateliers des Tanneurs – Huidevettersstraat 60A – 1000 Brussel

Voertaal: Engels

Accreditatie voor artsen

Uiterste inschrijvingsdatum: 20 september 2024


Informatie van Christoph & Elke Göttl over deze opleidingsdagen:

1.  Neuro de-escalation Foundation course (14, 15 & 16/10/2024)

Neuro de-escalation applies findings in neurobiology, NVR, attachment, trauma and body psychotherapy to the specific problem of escalation. It´s goal is to turn escalating situations into corrective emotional experiences, thus healing developmental and attachment trauma. To be able to do so, caregivers need to learn to self-regulate in the midst of threat to be able to establish emotional contact to the escalating person.

In the foundation course we train you in a specific method to self-regulate to be applied in the midst of threatening situations. You will leave the course with the first prototype of your self-regulating set, ready to be tested and further developed in real life.

Moreover you will learn:

  • the 4 neurobiological options to be stronger than the threat system
  • to interrupt escalations and offer support to the escalating person even in very heated escalations
  • to turn the escalating situation in a perfect situation for healing developmental trauma
  • to establish yourself as social orienting person in threatening situations

We explore situations you have witnessed in systemic role plays.

  • How to get in touch?
  • How to establish true support?
  • How to become the orienting person?
  • How to guide over emotional abyss?
  • How to integrate such extreme experiences?

2.  Advanced day (17/10/2024)

For the first time in Belgium we offer an advanced day that can be attended after participation in a foundation course. On the basis of the knowledge aquired and the embodied attitude we will work on attachment oriented body interventions.

Is this for me?

We welcome not only professionals such as social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and child mental health nurses, but also foster and residential carers.

Join a community anchoring in mutual support even when the iron is hot.


Neuro de-escalation equally works for children, young people and adults. It does not depend on intelligence, age, physical nor mental state of the person. Neuro de-escalation is best tested in psychiatries, child and youth care, foster care settings and settings for handicapped people.


Elke and Christoph Göttl created the International Movement of Neuro de-escalation for dignity, healing and peace.
Neuro De-escalation in practice is a new and innovative approach that applies the findings of neurobiology, attachment and trauma theory as well as body psychotherapy to the specific problem of escalation.
Their  international trainer team holds seminars throughout Europe and Canada. Together with Dan Dolberger and Peter Jakob they are integrating neuro de-escalation into the concept of NVR. They founded the Centre „ressourcenreich“ for trauma-informed psychotherapy and psychiatry in Graz, Austria.

Christoph Göttl is a child and adolescent psychiatrist, physician and trauma psychotherapist.

Elke Göttl-Resch is trauma psychotherapist with a specializiation in body psychotherapy.

[email protected]  +43 664 190 25 71
[email protected] +43 664 9298 808