7th International NVR conference 18.05.2023-20.05.2023 – Osnabrück – Duitsland


18/05/2023 - 20/05/2023    
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Het ‘Systemisches Institut für Neue Autorität’ organiseert de 7th International Conference on Non Violent Resistance met als thema:

‘The wisdom of presence and nonviolent resistance, building bridges in uncertain times’

Systemic parent coaching and NVR (new authority) over 20 years

The conference will be held hybrid. You can also participate online! All keynotes will be available with simultaneous translation in German/ English.

We live in uncertain times. Consistently and on many levels, we are made aware of how great the temptation to use power, violence, dominance, and control to achieve a state of coexistence that is satisfactory for all sides is. Again and again, it becomes evident, sooner or later, how much of a destructive effect this thinking and acting has on human relationships – and not least on the ecology of the world we live in.

  • Presence and nonviolence offer a powerful alternative here. It is a concept built on people’s ability and willingness to resist violence, to connect and network with others, to empathize and to cooperate with one another.
  • Presence and nonviolence draw their strength from the self-reflection of the individual as well as the system and focus on the own constructive contribution to mutual regulation.
  • Presence and nonviolence therefore offer an opportunity to repair or rebuild bridges where relationships have previously been threatened or destroyed.
  • Presence and nonviolence have proven themselves successful in a wide variety of social fields, whether it is about cohesion in threatened relationships in families, in schools and kindergartens, in educational institutions of all kinds, in organizations, in the context of the community or other fields.
  • Presence and nonviolence thereby invite you to counteract interpersonal tensions and demonic ideas of power and dominance with the strength of wisdom.

This willingness to be steadfast and consciously create connections and build bridges at the same time goes hand in hand with a special quality of strength, presence, and authority. Every step of resistance, every drawing of boundaries, every “no” is linked to the search for ways to rediscover connectedness and belonging in the face of threatened or even destroyed relationships.
The importance of this quality becomes particularly clear in uncertain times, in times of the pandemic, in impending ecological crises, in the shock at the outbreak of martial violence. It is about supporting the responsible persons – parents, educators, teachers, managers – in resolutely resisting invitations to escalate. “Strength of Wisdom” means working with trust in the connecting power of presence and nonviolence to make contact, relationships, belonging and exchange possible again – i.e., to build bridges.
The topic of “bridge building” will occupy us at the 7th international conference. Twenty years after New Authority and Nonviolent Resistance were popularized in systemic parent coaching in Germany, we want to deal with questions such as:

  • How can threatened and broken relationships be revived instead of being further compromised by practices of power?
  • What obligations arise for the people who feel committed to this approach not only personally but also professionally?
  • What bridges do we ourselves need to realize the NVR-Charter together and then build bridges that are based on the foundation of trust and joint development on our part?
  • Into which fields can nonviolence thinking and acting develop beyond parent coaching, which topics, contents, and perspectives inspirate us?
  • And looking back on the developments of the last 20 years, how can the potential of this approach be assessed in the future?

We are looking forward to an intensive, creative, inspirational, maybe also irritating exchange with seriousness and ease at the same time.
Bruno Körner, Martin Lemme & Arist v. Schlippe

Voor concrete informatie over het programma en voor inschrijving, zie: www.nvr2023.com

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